Jane Mowat: Projects


I have long been printing from plants, fascinated by how an inked surface faithfully imprints itself in all its detail, easily mistaken, at times, for the subject itself. They are like photograms that duplicate a form or shape true to scale, as well as responding to surface.

I felt the need to work on a larger scale, however, and to create something that had a human quality, and yet expressed something beyond our everyday experience.

Ladders can be seen as a way of climbing upwards, but where that is going, or what it is leading to, we don’t necessarily know until we get there. It suggests the possibility of discovery, or of ascending, shaman-like, to other levels of consciousness.

To create a ladder that is also not a ladder is also an enigma. Grass, feathers or leaves are too fragile for the human body, though the spirit might attempt the climb. To print a thing that no longer exists once the objects have been inked and discarded, makes me wonder what, then, has been printed?

Mountains are the largest solid forms on our planet. Traditionally, sages, prophets and travellers seeking enlightenment climb a mountain in search of knowledge. As one gains height, the effort and experience allows one to understand life – or what one seeks – at a deeper level. The searcher comes closer to the sky, to the heavens, to god, to the answer to his or her quest.

Creating a mountain out of ferns, through monoprinting each one, was an attempt to experience and express this idea. The mountain here is fragile, like the ladders, and created out of many parts organised in layers, smaller varieties on the top. Eighteen prints were used in the example shown, and the composition measures 2.5 x 2.5 metres approximately.


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