Jane Mowat: Headstones



Making a headstone is a very personal experience for the artist and the bereaved family. I discuss the imagery :– sometimes particular themes are asked for, or it is left up to me to produce sketches, once the piece of wood has been found.
Names and dates are carved by myself, if this is needed.

Some families commission a separate piece to be inserted once the carving has been completed.

I work in oak, as this is long lasting. Negotiating necessary permission needed for installation of the headstone is carried out by the family, and they normally do this before, or while, the carving is being carried out.

Cost: this is negotiable, but generally around £1,000 for the carving, unless the piece is substantial. Extra costs: this will be for the oak and its delivery to studio, and any transport onwards once completed.
Photographs of work in progress are provided, or actual visits from the family encouraged if this is possible.

Please note: oak will weather over time, changing to shades of grey. The wood can be oiled, and this will darken the wood considerably.

Headstone 1
Headstone 2
Headstone 3

  contact Jane at janemowat@eclipse.co.uk or Tel: 01398 361454