Jane Mowat: Carving


“I use a variety of woods, often reclaimed from wood yards or sometimes donated by friends, unless I am after something particular. Some of the carvings illustrated here are in chestnut, yew and elm, but the wood I prefer is oak. I love the way it twists and runs, like the hide of a savage beast or the rippling surface of water.”

Some of these pieces will be for sale, and will have figured in recent exhibitions such as the ‘Forest, Foret, Wald’ exhibition that the artist held at the Brewhouse in Taunton in 2007. Some might also have been seen at the ‘Mythic Garden’ in Stone Lane Farm, in Devon or in other exhibitions.

They vary in size and density, from quite light relief carvings that might be 50 cm's high, to over 200cm high and several cm's in thickness. Please email the artist directly for further details, enquiries and commissions. (Contact)

  contact Jane at janemowat@eclipse.co.uk or Tel: 01398 361454